Roy Rogers and Cowboy Toby

“Roy Rogers and Cowboy Toby” is a Little Golden Book, a children’s book series originally published by Simon and Schuster. Little Golden Books have different characters, stories, and plot lines, but often center around fairy tales, nature, animals, and Bible stories. Written by well-known author Elizabeth Beecher, “Roy Rogers and Cowboy Toby” was first published in 1954. Below are copies of the book for sale on eBay.

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About The Author of “Roy Rogers and Cowboy Toby”

Elizabeth Beecher is a well-known American author of children’s books as well as screenplays for movies and television. She was born in Connecticut on February 19, 1898 and died on March 03, 1973. She was a popular and busy author, writing numerous children’s books (including “Roy Rogers and Cowboy Toby”), screenplays for movies and television, and edited, rewrote, or ghost authored more than 100 manuscripts.

Ms. Beecher’s screenplay work included numerous works for cowboy or Western movies and TV shows. She wrote numerous episodes of such popular Western TV shows as “The Cisco Kid,” “The Gene Autry Show,” and “The Range Rider.” She also wrote an episode of the much-beloved TV show “Lassie.”