Roy Rogers Autograph

Below are Roy Rogers autographed photos and other items on Amazon and eBay. Sometimes the autograph is an original and at other times it is a copy. For more information on autographs, please scroll down a little lower on this page.

You can sometimes find photos for sale by sellers who described them as “signed” instead of “autographed.” For those, you can see this page: Roy Rogers Signed Photos.

Roy Rogers Autographed Items On Amazon

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Roy Rogers Autographed Items On eBay

Most of the items below bear the autograph of Roy Rogers, the famous cowboy singer and actor. A few of the items, though, bear the autograph of other famous people named Roy Rogers.

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What Is A “Secretarial” Autograph?

The most common, current, definition of an “autograph” probably refers to the signature of a well known or famous person for the purpose of being a keepsake or memento. (An older, but still-in-use definition of an autograph refers to a document that is written entirely in the hand of its author.)

When a well known or famous person authorizes someone else to write their autograph for them, it is known as a “secretarial” autograph. This is often done as a matter of necessity: The famous person may simply have too many requests for their autograph for them to fill the need by themselves (think of movie stars or other celebrities sending out autographed photos to their fans).

There are other ways of substituting a handwritten autograph such as an “auto pen” machine. This type of machine mechanically signs autographs so people don’t have to. While this can be seen as a bit automated and impersonal, it is usually regarded more highly than some type of copy.

Recognizing Roy Rogers’ Authentic Autograph

We’d like to make it clear that here at we are not experts on autographs in general, or on Roy Rogers’ autograph in particular. We encourage you to investigate the authenticity of any autographed item of Roy’s you might be interested in for yourself.