Roy Rogers Puzzles For Sale

Below are Roy Rogers puzzles for sale on eBay. There is usually a good selection featuring Roy in a wide variety of poses: Alone, with his beloved horse Trigger or faithful dog Bullet, and more. Some of the puzzles are for sale alone, or for sale together with other puzzles.

Most of the Roy Rogers puzzles we’ve seen on eBay are older, originally made “back in the day” when Roy Rogers was still singing, making movies, and / or starring in his own TV show. Don’t assume all of the puzzles are older, though, as some of them could have been made more recently.

What Is A Frame Tray Puzzle?

You might notice that some, or even many, of the Roy Rogers puzzles for sale above are described as a “frame tray” puzzle, a “tray” puzzle, or or something similar. So, what does that mean?

While frame tray puzzles vary, common characteristics one might have include a frame around the edge where the correct pieces fit securely. In this way, the frame not only holds the pieces in the correct place but it also acts as sort of a guide as to where the pieces should go. A frame tray puzzle might also have an image of the finished puzzle printed on the tray to act as an additional guide as to where the pieces should fit. A frame tray puzzle makes it easier for children to put a puzzle together.

If a child is more skilled at putting puzzles together, a frame tray puzzle can be put together without the frame and tray for more of a challenge.

Of course, these days, most people seeking Roy Rogers puzzles aren’t children looking for a toy, but instead are adults looking for a great memento of Roy Rogers.

A Jigsaw Puzzle Is……

There are many different kinds of puzzles. The Roy Rogers puzzles for sale on this page are “jigsaw puzzles” which are sometimes also called “picture puzzles.” A jigsaw puzzle is a series of interlocking pieces, that, when joined together correctly, form a picture. The puzzle pieces are usually made of something lightweight and easy to handle such as thin, light, wood or cardboard.

Close-up drawing of a jigsaw puzzle.

Close-up drawing of a small section of a jigsaw puzzle showing how the pieces fit together.

A jigsaw puzzle can be easy or difficult to put together. Easier puzzles have fewer pieces that are large, eliminating the number of possible ways the pieces can fit together. Difficult jigsaw puzzles have more pieces that are smaller; the more pieces there are and the smaller they are the harder it is to put the puzzle together correctly. Color can also play a role in how easy it is to solve a jigsaw puzzle: Easier puzzles often have noticeable changes in color throughout, while more difficult puzzles have large areas of monochromatic colors, making it difficult to distinguish by color where each piece should correctly fit.