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A “playset” is a collection of toys that belong to a similar theme. They are designed to be played with as a set, or group. They commonly come with figurines of people and/or animals as well as accessories to compliment the theme, such as buildings, cars, trucks, and/or other items such as trees and bushes, or possibly fences and similar items. Playsets might be comparatively large with lots of pieces (ie, characters and accessories), or small with only a few pieces. Playsets are typically sold as a group of items all together in one box or other container.

Below are Roy Rogers playsets, or individual pieces from a playset, for sale on eBay. As Roy Rogers playsets in their entirety are becoming increasingly difficult to find, it is more common to find individual items, or a few individual items together, than an entire playset.

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About Roy Rogers Playsets

The Marx toy company produced the first-ever Roy Rogers playset in 1952. Here is a quote from this page of the the Marx Toy Museum website:

“In 1952, Marx released his first “branded” western sets, the Roy Rogers Ranch and the Roy Rogers Mineral City. This led to more than a dozen Roy Rogers branded playsets in the 1950’s.”

(Note: Mineral City was the name of the fictional town that was home to the Roy Rogers Show on television that ran from 1951-1957.)

Marx made a number of very popular playsets. Many of them were cowboy or Western themed, but not all of them. Pictured below, for example, is a Marx #4625 Action Cape Kennedy Carry-All playset.

A Marx toys playset

Image attribution: By Ed Berg (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons