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Roy Rogers Movie Trivia

Roy Rogers appeared in approximately 100 movies from the 1930s into the 1950s. His movies have enduring appeal with viewers worldwide, and his move collections are still highly popular.

  • Roy Rogers (whose birth name was Leonard Slye) first began appearing in movies in bit parts using the name Dick Weston.
  • He got a movie deal with Republic Pictures in October of 1937 and began using the name Roy Rogers in early 1938.
  • Roy’s most famous co-stars were his horse Trigger (whom Roy purchased after their first movie together); and the actress Dale Evans who became his real-life wife.
  • Roy’s first starring movie role was in “Under Western Stars,” 1938.
  • Roy was fond of shaping his own Western hats, using steam from the shower.
  • Before Roy gained fame as a movie star he was one of the three founding members, along with Bob Nolan and Tim Spencer, of the wildly popular singing group The Sons Of The Pioneers.