King Of The Cowboys For Sale

Below is the movie King Of The Cowboys for sale on Amazon and also on eBay. The movie may be for sale alone or as part of a set with other movies. Since Roy Rogers became well known by his title “King Of The Cowboys,” there may also be books or other items for sale with that name.

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King Of The Cowboys

Roy Rogers was a worldwide known singer and movie star. In 1943 Republic Pictures began billing him as “King Of The Cowboys,” a daring title considering all the other movie cowboys around at the time. The crown, though, was naturally and rightfully Roy’s. Crowds thronged to see his movies and personal appearances, and theater owners elected him their number one Western star. “Life” magazine put him on its cover for their July issue that year, comfortably seated on a rearing Trigger, his equine palomino co-star whom Roy dearly loved and had purchased for his own. Part of the accompanying article in “Life” read: “He is purity rampant. He never drinks, never smokes, never shoots pool, never spits……He always wins the girl though he doesn’t get to kiss her. He kisses his horse. His immense public would have him no other way.”