Roy Rogers Holsters

Below are Roy Rogers holsters and related items for sale on eBay. These holsters are for sale alone, or with toy guns. Most of the holsters are for toy guns, but you can sometimes find holsters for adults (these might be reproductions made to look like the famous gun rig worn by Roy and made by Edward H. Bohlin). Do not assume that the items below were originally made several decades ago when Roy Rogers guns and holsters first became popular. Some of them were, but some of them may have been made much more recently.


Roy Rogers / Holster Trivia

  • Roy Rogers loved to hunt. After he and Dale Evans were married on New Year’s Ever, 1947, he took her coon hunting on the second night of their honeymoon. Dale was less than impressed with the experience but the marriage lasted more than 50 years until Roy’s death in 1998.
  • Once in a while on eBay you can find an adult gun rig described as being a replica of one worn by Roy Rogers and made by Edward H. Bohlin. So, who was Edward H. Bohlin?  He was a Swedish immigrant who came to America at the age of 17 just prior to the start of World War I. He worked as a cowboy, then opened a leather shop in Cody, Wyoming, quickly developing a reputation for making quality cowboy gear. Several years later when visiting Hollywood, California the cowboy superstar Tom Mix was so taken by a calfskin coat and alligator boots Bohlin was wearing that he bought them on the spot. Edward Bohlin opened a new shop in California and soon became known for his superb craftsmanship with saddles and horse tack of every kind, as well as spurs, gun rigs, and much more. He frequently incorporated gold and silver filigree with leather, creating some of the most spectacular Hollywood-cowboy and parade gear ever seen. Many of the biggest cowboy stars outfitted their horses and themselves with some of Bohlin’s finest work, including Roy Rogers and Trigger.
  • Sometimes leather is described as “Hermann Oak Leather.” Just what is that? Hermann Oak Leather is leather tanned by the Hermann Oak Leather company in St. Louis, Missouri. The Hermann Oak Leather company has been making leather since 1881 when Lewis Charles Hermann started the business to accommodate the local harness trade and to supply wagon loads of settlers on their way West. Since then the Hermann Oak Leather company has earned the reputation of being the premier leather manufacturer in the United States. Their specialty is vegetable tanning, a type of tanning used to make leather for many uses, including saddle making and gun rigs.