Roy Rogers DVDs

The singer and actor Roy Rogers (1911 – 1998) made a series of wildly popular “singing cowboy” movies in the 1930s, 1940s, and early 1950s. Beginning in 1951 he branched into television with a Western-adventure series that ran until 1957. Many of Roy Rogers’ movies and TV shows are available on DVD.

Roy Rogers’ movies are loved by fans for featuring Western action, exceptional singing by Roy and his co-stars, and Roy’s easy-going charm. His television show continued the same theme, except without the musical numbers. His movies and TV show are also loved for Trigger, the golden palomino stallion Roy rode in his very first starring role (“Under Western Stars,” 1938) and continued to ride throughout his career. Roy Rogers and Trigger, along with other popular co-stars such as Smiley Burnette, Gabby Hayes, the Sons Of The Pioneers, and Dale Evans, remain highly popular on DVDs.


DVDs and Region Codes

Region codes, sometimes called region formats, are used by DVD makers to control where their material is released. It’s important that you buy a DVD with the right region code for your area, or it may not play in your DVD player.

  • Region 1 is the region code for North America, which, of course, includes the United States and Canada. If you live in the United States or Canada and purchased your DVD player locally, you will probably need a region 1 DVD.
  • Region 0 (zero) is for all regions worldwide.
  • There are several other regions, but we’re not mentioning them here.

A Little Bit About The Stars You’ll See On A Roy Rogers DVD

Roy Rogers catches Dale Evans

Roy Rogers catches Dale Evan in “Heldorado,” 1946.

Tim Spencer and Bob Nolan (Roy Rogers not pictured)

Tim Spencer and Bob Nolan singing “Cowboy Jubilee” in the Roy Rogers movie “Lights of Old Santa Fe,” 1944. Along with Roy Rogers, Tim Spencer and Bob Nolan were founding members of The Sons Of The Pioneers.

  • Trigger – Roy Rogers most popular co-star was probably Trigger, his golden palomino stallion. Trigger’s original name was Golden Cloud, and he appeared for the first time in a movie in 1938 as a mount for Olivia de Havilland as Maid Marian in “The Adventures of Robin Hood.” Shortly afterward Roy chose Golden Cloud as his mount for his first starring role in a movie, “Under Western Stars,” also in 1938. For “Under Western Stars” Roy changed Golden Cloud’s name to Trigger and the team of Roy Rogers and Trigger made movies and TV shows together until Trigger’s retirement in 1957. You can read Trigger’s biography here.
  • Smiley Burnette and George “Gabby” Hayes – Smiley Burnette and Gabby Hayes were frequently cast as humorous sidekicks in Roy Rogers’ movies. Smiley often portrayed a slightly ditzy character who often rode a gray or white horse known as Ring-Eyed Nellie. Gabby Hayes usually played a crotchety but lovable character, and often rode a dark brown horse with a large white star, name unknown.
  • The Sons Of The Pioneers – The Sons Of The Pioneers was a Western singing group founded by Roy Rogers, Bob Nolan, and Tim Spencer in 1933 (known then as the Pioneer Trio). In early 1934 they changed their name to the Sons Of The Pioneers, and shortly thereafter found incredible success, known for their Western lyrics and blend of beautiful harmonies. The Sons Of The Pioneer grew to include other members including (in no particular order) the brothers Hugh and Karl Farr, Pat Brady, George ”Shug” Fisher, Ken Carson, Lloyd Perryman, and others. The Sons Of The Pioneers were in many of Roy Rogers’ movies, often billed as “Bob Nolan and the Sons Of The Pioneers.” You can read more about the Sons Of The Pioneers here.
  • Dale Evans – Dale Evans was an accomplished and successful singer but a struggling movie actress when first paired with the already-established movie star Roy Rogers in “The Cowboy and The Senorita” in 1944. The pairing was a big success with fans, and Dale went on to star with Roy in many more highly popular and successful movies as well as a TV series. On New Year’s Eve, 1947, Dale became Roy’s real-life wife. There were married until Roy’s death more that 50 years later. You can read our biography on Dale Evans here, or our biography or Roy Rogers here.