Angel Unaware by Dale Evans

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Actress and author Dale Evans

A June, 1947 photo of Dale Evans, author of “Angel Unaware.” Dale and Roy Rogers were married later the same year on December 31, 1947. Dale was born in 1912, so she was 35 years old in this photo.

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About Angel Unaware

Dale Evans Rogers was known worldwide as a singer, song writer, and actress. While she held many accomplishments in her own right she was perhaps best known for her real-life marriage to superstar Roy Rogers and their on-screen movie roles together.

When Dale was 37 years old, having been married to Roy for two years, she became pregnant with their daughter Robin Elizabeth. Their joy in their new baby daughter was quickly tempered with fear, however, when the newborn was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome, a serious condition with numerous life-threatening complications. Their doctors suggested institutionalizing their baby daughter, but Roy and Dale refused.

Baby Robin came home to the Rogers’ household, but the trials of a very ill child not only did not alienate the family from their newfound faith in God, but instead made it stronger. Dale recounted later that it was Robin Elizabeth that furthered and strengthened her and Roy’s belief in, and commitment to, Christianity.

After Robin died two days short of her second birthday in 1952 Dale wrote her first book, “Angel Unaware,” about the brief life of her and Roy’s daughter. She felt that it was her job to deliver the messages taught to them by God through the help of their little girl. “Angel Unaware” was a short book, and a difficult one to find a publisher for. Once it was accepted by a publisher it was released in the spring on 1953 and quickly became a bestseller.