Roy Rogers Books

Below are Roy Rogers books and related items for sale on eBay. Some of the books are several decades old while others have been published or printed more recently. The books range through a wide variety of formats from Roy Rogers comic books, to coloring books, to hardcover books.

Roy Rogers Books: A Guide To What Book Conditions Mean

When shopping for a Roy Rogers book (or any other type of book for that matter) sellers will often use words or phrases like “mint” or “fair” to describe a book’s condition. Below is a guide as to what those words or phrases probably mean. We say “probably” because the conditions described below are not hard-and-fast definitions accepted by everyone, and because they are also subject to the seller’s opinion. When shopping for a Roy Rogers book keep in mind that many of them are decades old and that you will need to be realistic about the condition you can expect them to be in.

  • As New or Mint – This means that the book is without any blemishes or defects, does not appear to have ever been read, and appears to be in the same condition it was when it was first published. This includes the cover of the book as well as the pages. If a dust jacket is included it is also without flaws.
  • Fine – This describes a book in excellent, unread condition, almost like new. Any defects will be minor and will often be a result of minor damage due to shipping or storage. If a dust jacket is included it should have only very slight wear from rubs or scratches.
  • Very Good – A book rated “very good” should only be lightly read or used, and in a condition that is above the condition of an average used book. There may be slight signs of use or wear, sometimes including small stains, creases, writing, or marks, but no major damage. Any specific defects of a book with this rating should be clearly noted in its description or shown in photos.
  • Good – This is the rating used to describe the average used book. A book with this rating will show signs of use and wear, of having been read, and, if it’s an older book, it will be showing signs of age. Things like writing in the book, stamps or marks, and so on are common in a book of this condition. All pages should be present. Many sellers rating a book as “good” will describe the book’s major blemishes or show them in photos, but may not specifically mention or show smaller defects.
  • Fair – A book in fair condition will be a well read, well used, book.  You should expect signs of heavy use to be showing on the pages, and/or the cover, and/or the dust jacket (if there is one). Some pages may be missing. The cover and/or the pages may have marks such as stamps, writing, or underlining, or they may be stained, taped, or torn. The more obvious defects should be described by the seller or shown in photos, but many other smaller defects can simply be assumed.
  • Poor – This is the rating used to describe a book that has had excessive use and/or has been poorly cared for. It should still be readable, but may have missing pages. There will be obvious damage. Sellers of a book in this condition may not take the time to itemize the book’s defects because there are simply too many.

Remember, the general guidelines shown above regarding describing a book’s condition are not hard-and-fast-rules. If you have any questions about a Roy Rogers book you are interested in ask the seller your questions BEFORE you bid or buy.