Roy Rogers Alarm Clocks

Below are Roy Rogers alarm clocks for sale on eBay. These clocks are popular with Roy Rogers fans and can be difficult to find. They might be for sale with, or without, their original boxes. Don’t assume the clocks below were originally made several decades ago when Roy Rogers alarm clocks first became popular. Some of them were, but some of them may have been made much more recently.

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Good Things To Know When Shopping For A Roy Rogers Alarm Clock

  • When was the clock made? While many Roy Rogers alarm clocks were made several decades ago some of the them were made much more recently.
  • What brand, or who is the maker, of the clock? Do you care?
  • How big is the alarm clock? It can sometimes difficult to tell size from photos, so make sure the seller describes, at least approximately, how tall, wide, and thick the clock is.
  • Do you wind the clock, or does it take a battery?
  • What kind of condition is the alarm clock in?
  • Does it work? If it works, what exactly does that mean? For example, the clock might work but the alarm might not. Or it could be the other way around: The alarm works but the clock doesn’t. If the seller says the clock works, be sure you know what they mean.
  • Does the clock keep accurate, or reasonably accurate, time? Just because it works doesn’t mean it keeps time accurately.
  • If the clock is several decades old it is reasonable to expect it may not be in perfect condition. The seller should describe the clock’s condition to you in detail, especially any dings, scuffs, dents, scratches, etc. Major flaws, if any, should be shown to you in a photo if possible.
  • Does it come with the original box? If so, what kind of condition is the box in?
  • Is there at least one good photograph of the clock?
  • Keep your eye out for the occasional unscrupulous seller that tries to sell a newer Roy Rogers alarm clock for an older, vintage model.
  • Does the seller accept returns?
  • What forms of payment does the seller accept?
  • How soon do you have to pay for your purchase? An increasing number of eBay sellers are getting tired of buyers who take a long time to pay for their item. Some of these sellers are now requiring the item be paid for within a certain time frame or the sale is off. Read the item’s description for acceptable payment times and terms.
  • What will the shipping costs be? Is shipping insurance offered? If so, at what cost?
  • Will the seller ship to your location? How soon after you pay for your item will it be shipped?
  • If you have any questions about a Roy Rogers alarm clock for sale on eBay, ask the seller your questions BEFORE you bid or buy.