Roy Rogers and Trigger, his palomino stallion

Roy Rogers Comic Books

Below are Roy Rogers comic books and related items for sale on eBay. While most of the comic books below are several decades old, some of them are significantly newer. They feature Roy Rogers, King Of The Cowboys, and some them also feature his golden palomino stallion Trigger. If you're looking for something besides a comic book, you can see a wider variety of Roy Rogers books here.

Shopping For A Roy Rogers Comic Book

Below we have listed a few good things to think about when shopping for a Roy Rogers comic book.

Comic Book Conditions

When selling comic books sellers will often use words or phrases like "mint" or "fair" to describe the comic book's condition. Below is a guide as to what those words or phrases probably mean. We say "probably" because the conditions described below are not hard-and-fast definitions accepted by everyone, and because they are also subject to the seller's opinion.

Remember, the conditions shown above ARE general. They ARE NOT accepted by everyone. If you have any questions about a Roy Rogers comic book you are interested in ask the seller your questions BEFORE you bid or buy.




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